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Accessibility Guide for Jessie Mac's Luxury Hostel

Contact emails / phone numbers: 

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • 01350727324, www.jessiemacs.co.uk

Contact for accessibility enquiries: Brenda Roddy or Dot Mechan. For full guide with pictures, please click here (Opens in new window).


A small luxury hostel/ B&B hybrid, based in the Victorian village of Birnam in rural Perthshire, Scotland.

We are just 5 minutes walk from the local train station, 2 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop or a 15 minute walk to the neighbouring and larger village of Dunkeld. We are located on a flat, main street with free on-street parking outside the building and a disabled parking bay outside the church next door.

We offer 7 bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor with private wheel chair access and en-suite shower. For breakfast, where possible, we use locally sourced ingredients and cater for varying dietary requirements.

At a Glance

Level Access

  • The main entrance has 1 step. There is no lift and no ramp.
  • There is level access from the main entrance to:
    • Dining Table

Access with steps

  • There are steps from the main entrance to:
    • Bedroom
    • Dining room
    • guest lounge
    • Back yard


  • We have non-allergic bedding.
  • We have a complimentary room policy for personal assistants.


  • The (bedroom) TVs have subtitles.
  • Some staff have disability awareness training.


  • The menu is in large print.


  • Staff are available 24 hours a day.
  • Some staff have disability awareness training.
  • We have emergency evacuation procedures for disabled visitors.

Getting here

  • Murthly Terrace, Birnam, Perthshire, Scotland
    Murthly Terrace
    Biram by Dunkeld
    Perth and Kinross
    PH8 0BG

Travel by public transport

  • You can get to Jessie Mac's Luxury Hostel by bus and train.
  • The nearest bus stop is 200 metres from our front door. The bus stop is 0.10 miles / 322.0 km from Jessie Mac's Luxury Hostel.
  • The nearest train station is Dunkeld and Birnam. The train station is 0.3 miles / 0.5 km from Jessie Mac's Luxury Hostel.
  • BUS - Please ask the bus driver for the stop at Birnam Hotel. The nearest bus stop is 200 meters from Jessie Mac’s. There are small shelters and seating. All buses can accommodate one wheelchair. The number 23 Stagecoach bus runs to and from Birnam to Perth or Aberfeldy approximately hourly. The M90 Citylink bus stops at the same place with services to Inverness, Edinbugh and Glasgow. Timetables may vary so please check.
    TRAIN - The nearest railway station is Dunkeld and Birnam, which is 0.3 miles away (a 5-10 minute walk). Please note that this station has an unusually low platform and therefore it is a big step to get on or off a train. You will also need to climb a flight of steps if arriving on the northbound platform (platform 2). If walking from the station you will need to descend a shallow set of steps before taking the lane towards Birnam village.
  • You can get a taxi with Lady Taxi Driver (Marion) by calling 07725 346 643.
  • You can get a taxi with Dunkeld Taxis (Ian) by calling 07419 115 736.


  • There is parking near the venue. Parking is free.
  • There is a disabled parking space outside St Mary's Church which is the building next door. The parking space is 30 metres from the front door.


Main entrance

  • The main door is side hung and manual.
  • The door is 1040mm wide.
  • The main entrance has 1 steps.
  • We have two front doors and both open right onto the street. The pavement outside is tarmac and can be a little uneven. The main front entrance has a step which is 130mm and the entrance width is 1040mm. There is no hand rail. There is then an inner door which is 1200mm wide and has no threshold. The bell is 1280mm above the ground. All of our doors are side hinged. There is rubber matting in this foyer area which can make it uneven and is easily moved in advance. Assistance can be given with luggage.
    There is a separate entrance door available direct from the street into the ground floor bedroom. The street outside is on a slight slope so the step ranges from 45mm to 75 mm high across its width. The door entrance is 1035mm wide and the base of the Yale lock is 940 mm above the ground. 

Getting around inside


  • All bedrooms have windows.
  • Bedrooms have ceiling lights, wall lights, bedside lamps, desk or table lamps and natural daylight.
  • Lights are LED.TVs have subtitles.
  • All bedrooms are non-smoking.
  • We have non-allergic bedding.
  • All bedrooms have fitted carpets.
  • Wifi signal is strongest on the first floor with one room on the second floor having a very low signal.
  • We can move the bedroom furniture, to improve accessibility.
  • We have a complimentary room policy for personal assistants.
  • No bedrooms have level access.The bedroom nearest the main entrance has 1steps steps.
  • All bedrooms are ensuite.
  • We have bathrooms with a bath and overhead shower.The shower has a handrail.
  • Some toilets have handrails.
  • The walls and the fittings have high colour contrast.


guest lounge

  • From the main entrance to the lounge, there are 22steps steps. There is no lift and no ramp.
  • The guest lounge is situated one floor above ground level and is reached by a flight of 9, 3 and 10 steps.

Place to eat and drink

Dining room

  • From the main entrance to the dining area, there are 22mm steps. There is no lift and no ramp.
  • To get to a table, there are no steps.
  • The menu is offered in large print.
  • If you need table service, staff can help you.
  • There is background music sometimes.
  • The table and plates have high colour contrast.
  • We cater for sugar free (diabetic), vegetarian, gluten free (celiacs), lactose free (dairy free), nut free, low fat and vegan specific diets.
  • DIETS - We are happy to cater for any diet and regularly have vegan, vegetarian and lactose free guests. Please contact us in advance as we live in a small village and may need to buy food in specially. We ask guests to fill in a menu by 9pm the night before so that we can have food freshly cooked for them in the morning. There is a choice of 5 main hot courses or an all you can eat, hearty buffet breakfast. Menu attached.
    ACCESS  - the dining room is on the first floor. There is a flight of steps to the first floor (9 steps, left turn, 3 steps, left turn, 10 steps) with a handrail on one side (left when going up).   Each stair is 150mm high and 300mm deep. A seat is available on the first floor landing and can be placed on half landings if required. For guests staying in the ground floor room that are unable to manage the stairs to the dining room, there is a folding table in their bedroom and we can bring breakfast down to them in their room. 
    We are a hybrid B&B/ hostel, so some guests can order a breakfast or can self cater, using a large dedicated kitchen. So in the dining room in the morning, some guests will be self catering and some will be served breakfast. We often have guests who are sensitive to noise or shy of mixing with strangers. They sometimes choose to eat iin the large lounge, the kitchen or in their bedroom.  

Getting around outside

Back yard

  • From the main entrance to the area, there are 15steps steps. There is no lift and no ramp.
  • Although not available to guests as a garden, there is access to the courtyard at the rear of the house to the bike shed and drying room. Access from the house is via a set of steep and uneven external stone steps with a single handrail from the first floor. Caution should be exercised using these steps in wet or cold conditions as they may be slippery. We are happy to take guests' wet clothes to and from the drying room for them and if they arrive by bike, we can guide them around the back of the building using a private road to access the bike shed.

Customer care support

Accessibility equipment

  •  The nearest General Hospital with an A&E unit and walk in NHS is 14 miles away (Perth Royal Infirmary) the nearest Doctor’s surgery is 0.5 mile away and the nearest pharmacy 0.7 miles away in Dunkeld. Please let us know if you require further information about these.
  • For a list of more items, please go to https://www.pkavs.org.uk/Shopmobility-Perth-Scotland.
  • Beatrix Potter Garden is a small park around 200 meters from our front door.
  • We don't know. But if you phone and describe any charging facilities required, we will do our best to find a solution.
  • You can hire mobility equipment from Perth Shopmobility - Canal Street Car Park, 31 Canal Street, Perth, PH2 8LE. Telephone  by calling 01738 783960.
  • You can hire mobility equipment from Pitlochry Shopmobility by calling 01796 473866..

Emergency evacuation procedures

  • We have a set of evacuation procedures – should you require it someone will come to your room and assist you with evacuation.

Customer care support

  • Some staff have disability awareness training.
  • Staff are available 24 hours a day.
  • The manager does live on site but between 10pm and 6.30 am they are available only in case of emergencies, however their emergency contact number is available at all times.

Guide last updated: 3 April 2018

Client Testimonials

  • Mar 2020

    A little haven of loveliness
  • Mar 2020

    It was wonderful after a fairly difficult day on the bicycle to roll up at this baronial style building with welcoming lights burning in the windows.
  • Mar 2020

    I have already recommended Jessie Mac's to many others and my stay last week has only encouraged me to put the word around further.
  • Mar 2020

    My favourite place to stay, if only there were Jessie Mac equivalents everywhere. Always a warm welcome in every sense
  • Mar 2020

    Helpful, welcoming and attentive staff in a beautiful location and comfortable accommodation. What more can you ask
  • Mar 2020

    Wonderfully quiet location, even with a full hostel. Had a great stop over.
  • Feb 2020

    Excellent facilities, very helpful staff and dog friendly.
  • Feb 2020

    This is one of my favorite hostels. Great location, wonderful space, and always so welcoming.
  • Feb 2020

    Lovely accommodation in a great location. Jessie Mac's was completely spotless, cosy and welcoming. The host was very friendly and made the stay very enjoyable.
  • Feb 2020

    I was particularly impressed by the focus on sustainability. I am already trying to work out when I can make it up again.
  • Feb 2020

    11/10 - need I say more! Have booked to come back.
  • Jan 2020

    We stayed at Jessie Mac's over a long weekend as a small group, and everything was perfect. The staff are lovely and friendly, and very accommodating.
  • Jan 2020

    Lovely place, great for cyclists!
  • Nov 2019

    This is the third year we have spent the weekend at Jessie Macs - absolutely superb venue for us all - a group of 4/5 families.

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